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Bocube Alu – 用于控制類方案的多功能金屬機箱


具有創新設計的Bocube Alu系列機箱現已成為鑄造機箱領域的全新風向标。即使環境嚴苛,Bocube Alu也能有效保護敏感電子元件。包括鉸鍊在内,機箱所有的零件均不會脫落,材質均為金屬。該系列共有8種尺寸可選。



Bocube Alu系列機箱可安裝矩形電路闆,設計精美實用,引人注目。特别設計的嵌入面為敏感機電元器件提供了有效防護。此外,為使壓力補償件的集成經濟合算,箱體上鑄有特制開口,可安裝壓力補償薄膜鍵盤。


100%純金屬機箱可粉末噴塗成淺灰色(接近RAL 7035)或石墨灰(接近RAL 7024)。鉸鍊和蓋子為陽極氧化鋁自然色,與深色的石墨灰對比鮮明,賦予機箱精美的外觀。如有需求,Bocube Alu機箱和鉸鍊也可提供特殊顔色。



本款鋁制機箱标準産品中的密封圈為發泡PU密封圈,防護等級達IP 66/ IP 67。如有需求,也可提供耐溫性更高的矽橡膠密封圈、更高的防護等級IP 68、IP69K和防海水塗層以及EMC



Bocube Alu系列的附件有壓力補償膜,膠紙闆安裝闆和各種DIN導軌。特殊牆面安裝件正在研制中。機箱中鑄有用于牆面安裝的螺釘槽。

With its innovative design, the new Bocube Alu series of enclosures sets new trends in the diecast enclosure sector. It protects sensitive electronics even in harsh ambient conditions. All the enclosure components – including the hinges, which are


integrated with the enclosure as standard – are made of metal. The new series is available in eight sizes.

The enclosures in the Bocube Alu series provide space for rectangular PCBs and stand out thanks to their attractive and practical design. For example, the front surfaces are deliberately recessed in order to ensure that sensitive electromechanical components are protected. In addition, the new series is factory-prepared for the cost-effective integration of pressure compensation elements. For this purpose, a special insertion opening for a pressure compensation membrane is moulded in and “activated” in the factory.

The captive enclosure lids can be fitted so that they can open to the left or to the right. They are available with a smooth surface or with a recessed surface for the fitting of membrane keypads. Design covers conceal the enclosure screws. Handling during assembly is made easy because components such as lids, screws and design covers are captive. 

The 100% metal enclosures are available with powder-coated lacquering in light grey (similar to RAL 7035) or graphite grey (similar to RAL 7024). Contrasting with the dark graphite grey, natural-coloured anodised hinges and covers create an attractive look. Bocube Alu enclosures and hinges are also available in special colours on request.

Sturdy and tough

This impressive new series of enclosures provides high mechanical stability, good EMC screening, and is resistant to chemicals. The enclosures are also resistant to UV light and changes in temperature, so they are suitable for outdoor use

in agriculture, traffic or the renewable energies sector. 

The new aluminium enclosures are fitted as standard with a foamed PU seal, which provides protection class IP 66 / IP 67. On request, the following are also available: silicone seals for use in higher temperatures, a higher protection class (IP 68, IP 69K), seawater-resistant coatings and EMC seals.

Accessories for the Bocube Alu range include pressure compensation membranes, laminated paper mounting panels and various DIN rail designs. Special brackets for wall mounting are under development. Screw channels for wall mounting have already been incorporated in the enclosures.